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Chit Funds to the rescue in Financial Crisis | Shanthala Chits

The ongoing Corona Virus crisis has brought in a lot of uncertainty and danger into the lives and businesses of people. This is especially true with some of our esteemed customers who are successful entrepreneurs. Brave, smart people who are running their businesses – delighting their customers and bringing employment to several people around them. The real heart of the Indian economy.

Educational consultants, automobile dealers, chocolatiers and bakers, insurance advisors, web-site designers, defence component manufacturers, and many more – the clientele of Shanthala Chits is a very diverse and vibrant community. Many of them have been our customers for a decade now. As a sign of our mutual trust and regard, we see our customers renewing their schemes with us over and over again. Shanthala Chits is deeply grateful to our customers for their unstinted support.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Shanthala Chits strongly believes in remaining a true friend that our investors can count upon. When businesses came to a standstill during the lockdown, there was widespread fear over job losses and severe funds crunch. Several of our customers were facing the challenge of continuing to pay rent, bills, and salaries without any supporting income. They needed a helping hand with a quick infusion of cash into their business. Shanthala Chits was able to support them in these tough times. We are happy to share with you some of the heartfelt acknowledgments from our esteemed customers.

# Investor Speak – Meet Santosh Neelangatil

Name of Business Venture: Merit Higher Education

Nature of Business: Higher Education Consultant

Business URL:

Customer Since: 8 years

“I’ve been a regular customer with Shanthala Chits for over 8 years & have been investing in their products as savings. Wasn’t too sure if I’d need it in an emergency.

Unexpectedly, the Covid 19 Pandemic & the City Lockdown brought the entire Business to a standstill while the operational cost with respect to salaries, rentals, and commitments were still on.

I was entering into a financial crisis when Shanthala Chits came to my rescue. In fact, Swarup from Shanthala Chits personally called me and extended that extra support! I readily accepted it and used their help. Today, I feel a lot more at peace and confident to concentrate on my Business planning instead of focusing on saving myself from a potential financial crisis.

Thank you Swarup Sridhar & Thank you ‘Team Shanthala Chits”


# Investor Speak – Meet Aswini Kiran

Name of Business Venture: ChocoAddict

Nature of Business: Chocolatier

Business URL:

Customer Since: 10 years

“I, Aswini Kiran, a chocolatier specializing in corporate gift boxes and customized chocolates for all special occasions, have been a client of Shanthala Chits since 2010. I am currently in the Rs.500000 Chit scheme. I was planning these savings for my son’s upcoming college admission and wanted to upgrade my manufacturing equipment in my business.

Due to the covid19 & lockdown, my plans have got affected, so I decided to utilize the money in advance and got in touch with Mr.Venkatesh Kumar of SHANTHALA CHITS, without any delay he extended his services and transferred the money to my account in spite of them working from home. This proves that they are my well-wishers and a true neighbourhood Banker.

Thank you, Mr. Venkatesh Kumar and team SHANTHALA CHITS.”


# Investor Speak – Meet Jithesh Thundathil

Name of Business Venture: Arodhana Synergy Pvt. Ltd

Nature of Business: Multi-brand car service center

Business URL:

Customer Since: 6 months

“I am Jithesh Thundathil, Managing Director of Arodhana Synergy Pvt. Ltd., a Multi-brand Car service center with best in class tools and equipment delivering high-quality service to car owners. We cater to the service needs of all segments of Cars from Midsize to Premium Segment with both General Service & Body and Paint.

We subscribed to chits offered by Shanthala Chits Private Limited six months back and our experience of their customer service has been excellent. The back office very promptly follows up with reminders, updates, and issues of receipts. The documentation is also very simple.

This note of appreciation is being written for this specific experience of mine during this tough time of Covid-19 when there was an urgent requirement of money for paying the salary to employees as there was no income due to lockdown. I then decided to bid my chit which I had invested in and called Mr. Swarup. The response and support were awesome and I got the money I needed in no time from my savings and also without the burden of a lot of documentation.

I highly recommend Shanthala Chits Pvt. Ltd. as an excellent investment option and will act as a boon for any of your unforeseen and sudden requirements.”


# Investor Speak – Meet Sudeep Kalro

Nature of Business: General insurance advisor

Customer Since: 4 years

“I am Sudeep Kalro, a General Insurance advisor with an experience of over 10 years with expertise in Motor, Health, Fire, and Peril & all kinds of SME Insurance solutions. As an insurance advisor, my primary motive is to offer the right policy to customers at the lowest price with transparency on the policy clauses backed up by timely claim services. I have more than 1000 satisfied customers who trust my services and rely on me for all their General Insurance requirements.

I have been a customer of Shanthala Chits Pvt Ltd over the last 4 years having about 5 chits and they never disappointed me whenever I was in financial crisis. I would like to mention two scenarios where I was supported.

One was when my marriage was planned without much time for me to arrange funds and then Shanthala Chits helped me with the minimal documentation and giving the funds on time as promised. Second, was during the recent lockdown when I had a sudden medical emergency in the family for immediate surgery – Again, Shanthala Chits helped me with funds immediately despite the lockdown situation.

For me, Mr.Swarup Sridhar from Shanthala chits is like a one-stop solution for problems during a financial crisis. I have been a subscriber of many other chit companies before & I can vouch Shanthala Chits is truly like a neighbourhood banker.”


# Investor Speak – Meet Siva Shankar Nammikanti

Customer Since: 5 years

“I have been a member of Shanthala chits for the past 5 years. They have been very supportive whenever there was a financial need.

Especially during this lockdown, I had a family medical emergency and urgently needed financial support. Shanthala chits have immediately transferred the funds. I would like to thank them for their timely support.”

Shanthala Chits wishes to reiterate that we are committed to stand by our investors at all times. We believe in playing the role of your friendly neighbourhood banker. Whether it is starting a new scheme, paying your instalments or withdrawing your funds at the time of need, we ensure the process is smooth and swift. We know the value of timely support. We also attach utmost importance to forging lasting relationships with our investors. When in need, you can count on us.

About Us – Shanthala Chits is in the business of chit funds for over 2 decades now. We are a Government approved chit fund company with a 24-year successful track record and thousands of satisfied customers. Shanthala Chits is registered under the Chit Fund Act of 1982, the Government of Karnataka. We are one of the most popular chit fund houses based out of Bengaluru, known for our customer satisfaction and secure investments. Get in touch with us and start with an investment scheme. We will be glad to help you out with the right scheme that matches your needs.

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