Is only love enough this Valentines


Valentine’s Day is a day which expresses love throughout the world. It is also a way of telling loved ones that you care about them. And what better way to express this than by showing that your care runs towards making financial goals, be it for building a life you want to live together with your loved one, for acquiring that dream home, for having money at retirement or for having a little bundle of joy. Or, for all of them.

Developing a saving habit early helps enjoy the perks of financial freedom at an early stage in life. Most of us don’t enjoy the stability of a permanent job and a fixed income while still young. Not having a fixed income through a secure job poses problems if one wants to avail loans through banks and financial institutions as it involves providing securities and massive paper work.

That is why investing in chits is the perfect option. As most of us already know, investing in chits involves very few formalities, little paper work and excellent benefits. There is also no risk of market fluctuations. Being ideal for every individual falling under any income category, chits are most ideal for couples just beginning their life. Saving through chits helps them have a cushion which allows freedom for lifestyle choices in the future. Needless to mention, it also helps them adjust huge finances without difficulty in a risk-free way.

A successful and a leading chit company since decades, Shanthala Chits have been instrumental in making many dreams come true for hundreds of people including youngsters. They have many schemes and options available to suit everybody’s needs. Needless to say, young couples deciding to invest in a reputed company like Shantala on this eventful day, will not only benefit from it, but the decision will go a long way in cultivating the much needed discipline of saving/investing at an early age.

Says Ramesh, a 23 year old youth and a lab technician, “With a salary that can be called ‘peanuts’, I was hesitant when my girl friend suggested that I invest in a chit. But she encouraged me saying it was the best option for me to fulfil the big plans I had with my modest savings. She also said it would help me be prepared for the unexpected. An inner instinct told me to follow her advice. There was suddenly an unexpected medical emergency and the money saved through chit helped save my grand-dad’s life. Chits are great for young people like me who want a flexible saving option, one that is not heavy on the wallet and where money can be adjusted in a timely, hassle-free way.”

So Young Couples! Go for it! It’s time to convince your partner/spouse that words can’t describe your love for them, but your savings do!

Padma lochani

A simple human being who is thankful for being who I am, embracing my individuality and emerging stronger each day. I have a great zeal for life and try to add fun and frolic into mine as well as my dear ones’ lives. Am a member of the content marketing team of Shanthala Chits, Bangalore. Juggling between kids, kitchen, pets and work, I try to multi task – but not successfully all the time. I love travelling and am a book-worm.
Padma lochani

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