Father’s Day tribute

This Father’s Day gives me the perfect opportunity to celebrate my father, Mr. Sridhar Alampalli, Director, Shanthala Chits, and all that he stands for and express my gratitude for all that he’s done for us over the years and in shaping the future of Shanthala Chits.

There’s a famous adage, “A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”… And this is the best way, to sum up all that my father is.

The valuable lessons and qualities that my father has instilled in me have held me in good stead in different stages and situations in life, whether personally or professionally.

Had it not been for him, Shanthala Chits wouldn’t have reached the heights it has so swiftly climbed under his able leadership and guidance in the 22 years since its inception.

With over four decades of experience in business and commercial activities, he has shared valuable insights based on his rich experience and business acumen and always pointed us in the right direction.

His work ethics are the prime reason behind the success of Shanthala Chits. Given his hand on approach, he ensured that the processes were streamlined right from the start, be it the proper maintenance of records or keeping track of the client’s and their needs and building a long-lasting relationship with them.

Above all, he has always led by example, living a life of integrity, with honesty, humanity and hard work. His attitude of never cutting corners has inspired us to always be meticulous and sincere in our work.

Not to forget, my father’s love and generosity for people, has been humbling and inspiring for everyone around him and has been instrumental in nurturing us into compassionate and grounded human beings.

His compassion stems from the fact that he always understood people, their emotions, their wants and needs better than most of us. This has been an important binding factor not just for the family but also the entire team at Shanthala Chits and almost everyone else he’s crossed paths with, including clients, who placed their utmost faith in him.

We at Shanthala Chits strive to uphold the values that my father has imparted to us. With his guidance, I hope to make his vision for our company a fruitful endeavour. Join us at Shanthla Chits in honoring these unsung heroes of our lives.

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