The World Cup is here – Are we ready to be Champions?

The madness and frenzy is back. It’s that time again, when the whole country takes a break from their own busy lives and sits in front of the TV. For an entire month, all that people can talk about is cricket. It’s the month of the Cricket World Cup!

After the grand success of 2011, India is well poised to win another trophy this year. We have the best bowler and best batsman in the world in our team. But raw talent alone cannot be a sure guarantee for success. Talent needs to be backed up with good planning, hard work and perseverance.

Similarly, just a good business idea cannot make a successful company.To build a profitable and stable business you require excellent foresight and planning. The next requirement is a team of committed and hardworking employees. And finally, you need disciplined and smart money management.

There are some parallels that can be drawn between the sporting world and the business world. Let’s see what important lessons we common people can learn from out sporting super stars!

One day of victory comes after years of hard work –No success comes overnight. And winning a world championship, competing with the best teams in the world and beating them is not just a matter of chance. The Indian Cricket team has been working extremely hard for years to meet this challenge. Player selection, training, learning about the opposition players playing style, physical fitness are some of the key aspects they focus on.

Similarly, when you have a big business goal to meet, you need to start your planning well in advance. Finalise your product idea, fix your revenue target, and study the competition in the market. Work towards it patiently. Don’t get disheartened by initial setbacks. If your business idea is a good one, you are sure to succeed eventually.

Build a motivated and cohesive team – An individual, however talented cannot ensure success of his business venture. He needs the support of a strong team. The captain of the team or a star batsman or a lethal bowler are not enough to win matches. You need 11 committed players, fighting for a common goal. And apart from the playing 11, there are several people working in the background to fulfill a shared dream.

In the business world, people with varied skills come together to build a company based on a shared vision. Each person brings in their unique abilities and together they work hard to meet the business goals. The owner of the company has the responsibility of inspiring his team and motivating them to work towards the shared goal.

Smart investments lead to handsome gains – Over the years, the quality of the Indian side has been constantly improving. Today they are a world class bowling and fielding side because of the training facilities that are available in India today. There has been a lot of careful investment made into building world class infrastructure in stadiums and training sessions. Putting in the money for the right cause at the right time is another crucial ingredient to success.

Financial investment is also a major factor in a business. The promoters must be able to assess what kind of monetary requirements would arise, well in advance. Big companies might raise capital through the stock market or venture capital funds. For small privately owned companies, it is the promoter’s personal wealth that he invests.

Small companies can also consider using chit funds as a source of investment. To make planned investments in a phased manner, choose a chit fund scheme of the appropriate amount. When the time comes for your business expense, pull out the money from the chit fund. No loans, no repayment. And your money is not lying idle either.

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In the mean-time, sit back and enjoy the World Cup and pray for the men in blue to get the trophy home!

Anuradha C

Anuradha is a freelance writer cum corporate trainer in the IT/telecom domain with over 18 years experience. She served in senior technical and management positions in Huawei and TCS for 10+ years. Then gave up the traditional corporate ladder to go solo - in order to escape horrendous city traffic and to be at her own boss!
Anuradha C

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