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Shanthala Chits is a reputed chit fund company based in Bangalore. We are registered under the Chit Fund Act of 1982, Government of Karnataka. For the last 23 years, Shanthala Chits has been an excellent investment partner for people from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, senior citizens, Employees, homemakers, first time job holders, government employees and so on. We bring you some real life scenarios on how Shanthala Chits can serve as your neighbour banker and secure your financial needs.
Sandhya was exhausted by the time she got back home. She was returning from her first day at her first job. Her mother was eagerly awaiting her arrival at the doorstep. As soon as she spotted her mother, Sandhya ran towards her and cried in dramatic anguish “Ma, I need a bike. I can’t travel like this for the rest of my life!”
All these years, Sandhya had lived a sheltered life, with her school and college being close to home. Now, having graduated and joined an architect’s firm as an intern, she had to travel right across the city to reach her place of work. Just one day into her new routine and she was already terrified of Bangalore city traffic and the long commuting hours. Can’t blame the poor girl though!
As they entered the house, Sandhya began a detailed account of her day. After sharing her happiness about her new job, she got back to the travel woes she had to face. Her company was in the eastern part of Bangalore, very close to a metro station. But she needed to take two buses from her house to reach the station nearest to her home.
After analysing other alternatives, both of them came to a conclusion that a bike would indeed be the best solution. She could drive to the metro station and park the bike there. That would save considerable time and money.
Sandhya was reluctant to ask her father for money to buy a bike, as she was aware of the tight financial constraints at home. She vowed to her mother that she would buy the bike from her own earnings, leaving her mother beaming with pride!
After a spending a few hours researching on all loan options, Sandhya went to the kitchen to discuss the issue with her mother. “Ma, as I am not a permanent employee yet, I can’t get a vehicle loan so easily. I need to apply for PAN card also. And the interest rates for a personal loan are so high. What shall I do?”
Sandhya’s mother took a while to ponder over the scenario. And then gave her daughter a suggestion. “How about investing in a chit fund Sandhya? You could put away a portion of your income every month. In one of the months, you claim the invested money and make your purchase.”
Sandhya frowned at the idea and ridiculed it outright. “Ma, only old aunties invest in chit funds without their family’s knowledge! I can take a loan, and pay it off in EMIs.”
Sandhya’s mother smiled at her daughter’s ignorance, and revealed a little secret. “You remember 3-4 years back, your father was urgently in need of money for surgery? I gave him that money from a chit fund investment. I had invested Rs 6000 every month in Shanthala Chits. They are registered under the Chit Fund Act of 1982, Government of Karnataka. The company has very strong credentials having been in this line for 23 years, making it a safe option to invest in.”
When Sandhya still looked uncertain, her mother went on to explain. “When you take a loan, you are under the obligation of someone else. So you land up paying EMIs which amount to more than the sum borrowed. But in chit funds, it is your own money that you are putting aside. So what you are withdrawing is your entitlement. In both cases, you put aside money every month. With a chit fund, it is an investment, but with a loan it is repayment. Just think about the difference and decide for yourself.”
The next day Sandhya woke up and greeted her mother with a bright smile on her face. “Ma, I thought about your suggestion. I am convinced that it’s a good idea. Shall we approach Shanthala Chits and invest in their scheme?”
With a mischievous grin on her face, her mother teased her. “Your bike is still not here you know. Today you still need to take the bus. So hurry up and get ready!”
Note – All characters in this story are imaginary.

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