Nurturing Financial Investments, just like Friendships

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When incomes, finances and savings are taken care of, the future looks bright and encouraging.

Often, in our quest to do well at a career, keep steady jobs, spend for home and family, it often happens that savings can take a backseat. The flow of money into and out of our lives is a steady ebb and flow that we take no notice of, but often hits us when we get older. It is only after a certain age that things like savings and money begin to matter.

Managing finances is like maintaining a friendship. Both of them need to be given time and attention, nurtured and grown over several years, for their true significance to be appreciated. Often it is only in bad times, that the true importance of friendship is noticed and appreciated. Likewise, it is only in times of economic downturns, loss of job, sickness of family or other unforeseen circumstances that the true value of savings are appreciated.

There are numerous ways savings can be done. The most obvious choice for many is the savings account in banks, which can be done over a lifetime. Individuals put in a sum of money regularly that can be withdrawn as per use and convenience. Alternatively Public Provident Funds are also a great choice when it comes to a long-term investment scheme. They are flexible and afford good returns. PPF’s can be opened at banks as well as post offices.

Chit Funds are another great savings option, it inculcates a habit of compulsory savings every month and the dual advantage of borrowing multiples of your savings during a financial emergency. Basically transactions entered into by a pool of people who invest equally and divide the returns, this kind of saving scheme can be valued differently, and may comprise of any number of people who subscribe to it.

Financial savings are a great option for individuals, because they can be planned for the long-term. Rather than gifts like costly watches and other materials, they ensure that the future is taken care of. Like friendship, they come to a person’s aid when he most requires it. Nothing can be better this friendship day than to ensure you invest in a partnership that will keep you safe and secure for life. Whether it is for yourself or for your close friends, savings is one gift that no one will ever regret.

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