How can Chit Funds help Business Owners and start-ups?

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chit funds for business owners and startups
The recent article in Economic Times happened to cover an article about Flipkart’s current valuation had crossed $20 billion. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal started this business with an investment of Rs. 4 Lakhs in 2007.
But what if they were not able to arrange those funds at that time? Would this giant ecommerce brand have existed?
In this competitive business world, the ability to have cash flowing through your system is the key to success. This is even truer for small businesses and start-ups that do not have a credit line established with banks and partners.
Imagine, you are in a business and a client gives you a bulk purchase order and you are running short of funds to fulfill the same. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a back-up?
Investing in a chit fund offers your business a financial cushion that you can fall back during a financial need. Unlike other financial institutions, a Chit fund is more supportive and understands the need for quick cash with minimal paperwork and documentation. A chit fund is like your friend who is always there to help you every time you are in need.
Not just crisis, but a chit fund can also offer small businesses and start-ups the chance to save enough money so that they can expand their business further. A business owner could invest in a chit fund and then withdraw it after maturity which in turn leads to more revenue for his/her business.
A chit fund also acts a disciplining agent in terms of financial health of a business as it ensures that there is always a fixed sum that is being kept aside as an investment for a secure future. This investment can be utilized by Business owners to further their dreams and take their businesses to the next level.
Another advantage that a chit fund offers is the fact that interest rates are not market dependant. Chit fund interest rates are always competitive with the market-determined interest rates. That’s why even the smallest of businesses can meet their capital requirements with the help of a chit fund.
Chit funds also have the dual option of investment and borrowing. You invest your money over a period of time and during the tenure of the chit, in case of an emergency, you can bid and withdraw much more than what you would have invested and continue paying your monthly instalments. This makes the repayment easy and hassle free.
Shanthala Chits Pvt Ltd is a registered chit fund company since 1996 and is highly reputed for its trustworthiness. Our customer service surpasses every benchmark as we are not only reliable but also quick in our payments. We are a strict follower of Chit Fund Act of 1982 and have an excellent track record. Shanthala Chits wants to empower its customers and all other investors who want to park their funds in chit funds.
We offer products like High Networth Fund Pro which is great for investors and business Owners. This scheme has duration of 25 months with a monthly instalment of Rs.100000. We also have a scheme where the monthly instalment is Rs.40000 which can help small and mid-sized businesses. We also have an option like Young Talent Fund,Value Saver, and Smart Focused. These schemes last for 25 months and due diligence is done before a group is formed for any scheme. Our schemes are meant for Small Business Owners, Students, and Homemakers & Salaried individuals.

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