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How to plan for retirement – Financial tips for small business owners

November 27, 2020

A salaried employee from the organised workforce has a clearly defined and stable income, both during his working tenure and after. As a consequence, post retirement financial planning for the salaried class is a well-established and fairly straightforward activity. However, when it comes to a small entrepreneur, financial planning is a major challenge. Whether it […]

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5 Financial Lessons from Deepavali

November 13, 2020

A unique Deepavali is arriving. After a grim 8 months where people had to battle the virus pandemic, economic distress and job insecurity issues, it’s now celebration time. Deepavali is the festival of hope, of the victory of light over darkness. It also signals a season of prosperity and success. We at Shanthala Chits take […]

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Plan your long term finances, but also take care of the short term

October 31, 2020

Saving for the future is part of the Indian ethos. Whether it is for a daughter’s wedding, purchase of a house or life after retirement, families start their planning well in advance. We teach a growing child the precious habit of saving by gifting a piggy bank. “Live within your means and save for a […]

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