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How to maintain a healthy credit score? – Tips for borrowers

April 9, 2021

When an urgent need to borrow money arises, most of us either take a loan or use our credit card to fulfil that need. As a borrower, we are at the mercy of the bank or financial institution, and we have to prove to them that we are capable of making the repayments promptly. Don’t […]

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20 Reasons Why Shanthala Chits is Synonymous With Trust

March 10, 2021

Among the innumerable savings schemes in India, Chit Funds have been one that hasn’t had it easy. Although the primary kind of savings scheme for people since decades there have been various reasons for the decline of this segment, primary among them being the flourishing of disorganised financial schemes conducted by an unscrupulous few. Shanthala […]

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Women’s day special: A women’s best protection is money of her own!

Women have made remarkable and unbelievable strides over the years, gaining and scoring professionally, politically, artistically and also proving to be on par with men where intelligence and capacity for innovation is concerned. When it comes to money, however, a small financial gap still exists. After all, although women are equally qualified, the barrier exists. […]

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