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The onion crisis is back – A similar crisis should be avoided in your personal finances

October 11, 2019

Once in every few years, the onion prices in India start an upward spiral. The humble onion moves from being an everyday purchase to a luxury item! While the average housewife generally budgets Rs 20 for a kilo of onions, now she has to shell out anywhere between Rs 50-100! Hotels get into panic mode […]

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In the days of economic slowdown – How to secure your personal finances

September 27, 2019

The news of economic gloom and doom is all around us. India’s GDP rate has slowed to 5%, much lower than what was expected. The rupee is not stable against global currencies. Manufacturing industries are severely affected due to stagnant demand. There is wide spread talk of job losses. It’s not just in India, we […]

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Changes proposed in Chit Fund Act – A welcome move in investor’s benefit

September 6, 2019

The Government of India has recently announced that there is a plan to introduce key amendments to the Chit Fund Act 1982 in the next parliament session. This is a long awaited legislative step, which finds a wide welcome in the chit fund industry – from investors and companies alike. We at Shantala Chits whole […]

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