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Planning your wedding – How to organise your finances for the big day?

February 11, 2021

The wedding season has arrived in style all over in India. People across states are throwing away their fears and concerns from the uncertainties of the previous year. Now is the time for hope, fun, celebration and getting together with family and friends. What better way to make a fresh start than getting married! There […]

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How to stay away from credit card debt – 4 practical solutions for you

January 15, 2021

Credit card debt is like a black hole that sucks your hard-earned money into exorbitant interest payments. Ultimately you land up repaying a lot more than you spent in the first place. We all know this, especially the frequent credit card user. But still, people persist with this habit. Because of the lure of easily […]

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Get your finances in shape for the New Year 2021

December 30, 2020

Now that the turbulent year 2020 is behind us, there is renewed hope and enthusiasm across the world. Here is wishing all our readers and investors a lovely, safe and happy New Year 2021! Warm wishes from the Shanthala team! We promise to keep your financial well-being as our top priority in the coming years […]

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